Four Nations 2007

The Norwegian Youth Chess Federation had the honour to host the 2007 Four Nations Team Tournament for juniors and cadets. The tournament was played in Haraldsheim Hostel in Oslo from Friday November 30 to Sunday December 2. Participating countries were Sweden, Denmark, Lithuania and Norway.

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Round 1 games: Denmark-Norway and Sweden-Lithuania
Report from Denmark-Norway by IM Espen Lie (in Norwegian)

Round 2 games: Lithuania-Norway and Sweden-Denmark
Report from Lithuania-Norway by IM Espen Lie (in Norwegian)

Round 3 games: Norway-Sweden and Denmark-Lithuania
Report from Norway-Sweden by IM Espen Lie (in Norwegian)

December 2 (7.50 pm): In the last round Lithuania beat Denmark 7,5-2,5 and Sweden won 6-4 against Norway. Final standings: 1. Lithuania (3 wins) 2. Sweden (2 wins) 3. Norway (1 win) 4. Denmark. For complete results, see link above. Sorry for the slow posting of results today, this was caused by a problem with the webmaster’s internet connection.

December 1 (9.35 pm): Lithuania crushed Norway 8-2 in round two. Sweden won 6-4 against Denmark in the other match of the second round. Six players now have two points: Sigitas Kalvaitis (Lithuania), Julius Garnelis (Lithuania), Laurynas Slikas (Lithuania), Katrine Tjølsen (Norway), Drazen Dragicevic (Sweden) and Alexander Rhee (Denmark). The final round starts Sunday 10 am. For complete results, see link above.

December 1 (4.15 pm): The Norwegian coach IM Espen Lie has written a report on the first round match between Norway and Denmark. The report is in Norwegian. See link above.

December 1 (9.40 am): The games from round 1 are now available, see link above. Thanks to IM Espen Lie (for entering the games) and IM Eirik Gullaksen (webmaster of

December 1 (00.15 am): In round one, Lithuania beat Sweden 5,5-4,5 and Norway won 5,5-4,5 against Denmark. Round two starts at 12 noon. For complete results, see link above.

November 30 (4.55 pm): The drawing of lots has been done. Round 1: Sweden v. Lithuania and Denmark v. Norway. Round 2: Lithuania v. Norway and Sweden v. Denmark. Round 3: Norway v. Sweden and Denmark v. Lithuania.

November 29: Once more, Sweden has made a substitution. Timmy Forsberg (national rating 2034, no FIDE-rating) is the new player on board 10. As a result the average rating of Sweden drops from 2219 to 2216, making Lithuania (avg. rating 2217) the new rating favourite. See updated list of players below («Teams»).

November 27: Due to the late arrival of the Danish team, the first round will start one hour later than originally planned. The round will now start at 6 pm.

November 26: Friday approx. 3 pm there will be a 30 minute meeting for coaches/team captains.

November 19: Please note that Sweden has a new player on board 6. The average rating of the team is still 2219. See updated list of players below («Teams»).

November 12: The teams have now been published, see link below. Sweden has the highest average rating with 2219, followed by Lithuania (2217), Denmark (2173) and Norway (2124).


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