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August 31 21.45: Photos from the prize giving have now been added, see link above.

August 31 19.10: The tournament is now finished. Rimaskoli won, four points ahead of Mälarhöjden. Nordberg got third place. For complete results and games, see link above. Photos from the prize giving will be posted shortly.

August 31 17.10: Rimaskoli is the 2008 Nordic champion for secondary schools! They now lead their match against Kirkebakkeskolen 2-0. This means that they could only be beaten if Nordberg won their match 4-0, but Nordberg has already lost two games against Mälarhöjden. Congratulations to Rimaskoli and Iceland!

August 31 15.05: Some photos from the start of round 5 have been added, see link above.

August 31 14.05: Round 4 results: Mälarhöjden-Kirkebakkeskolen 2-2, Rimaskoli-Engebråten 3-1, Luostarivuoren-Nordberg 1-3. Rimaskoli leads with 10,5 points, followed by Nordberg (9 points), Engebråten (7,5 points), Mälarhojden (7,5 points), Luostarviuoren (7,5 points) and Kirkebakkeskolen (6 points). The last round starts 14.30.

August 31 09.10: Some photos from the start of round 4 have been added, see link above.

August 30 19.10: The fourth round starts tomorrow 9 am. Four players have three points: Frode Urkedal, Hjorvar Gretarsson, Anselmi Carpelan and Odd Martin Guttulsrud. Urkedal (2299) and Gretarsson (2299!) will meet on the first board in the match between Engebråten and Rimaskoli.

August 30 19.05: Round 3 results: Luostarivuoren-Mälarhöjden 2-2, Nordberg-Rimaskoli 1-3, Engebråten-Kirkebakkeskolen 2-2. Standings after three rounds (game points count first): Rimaskoli 7,5 points, Engebråten & Luostarivuoren 6,5 points, Nordberg 6 points, Mälarhöjden 5,5 points, Kirkebakkeskolen 4 points.

August 30 15.35: New photos have been posted, see link above.

August 30 14.00: Round 2 results: Rimaskoli-Luostarivuoren 2,5-1,5, Mälarhöjden-Engebråten 1,5-2,5, Kirkebakkeskolen-Nordberg 1-3. Round 3 starts 14.30.

August 30 10.40: Some pictures from round 1 have now been posted, see link above.

August 29 22.03: Round 1 results: Rimaskoli-Mälarhöjden 2-2, Nordberg-Engebråten 2-2, Luostarivuoren-Kirkebakkeskolen 3-1. Round 2 starts 9 am tomorrow.

August 29 18.40: The first game is now finished (Olander-Nielsen, 1-0). You can play through the game online, see link above.

August 29 16.35: Individual pairings have now been published, see link above. Games will be made available online shortly after each game is finished, to play through games you can click on the result in the crosstable (see link above). After each round, a pgn-file with all games will be posted here.

August 29 15.40: The first round starts at 17.00. First round pairings: Rimaskoli-Mälarhöjden, Nordberg-Engebråten, Luostarivuoren-Kirkebakkeskolen. The school mentioned first has white on board 1 and 3.

August 25: Iceland has made a replacement of one of their players. For the updated list of players, click on the link above.

August 18: The player list has now been updated with the fourth player for Engebråten (Norway 1), see link above.

July 29: A list of teams and players has now been posted, see link above. There is one player in one of the Norwegian teams missing (the fourth player in this team will be announced later).

The Norwegian Youth Chess Federation has the honour and pleasure of hosting this year’s Nordic championship for secondary schools. The championship will be played in Oslo from 29 August – 31 August 2008.

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