Nordic Girls Ch. 2008

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By GM Kjetil Lie (in Norwegian):
Report and game fragments from round 1
Report and game fragments from round 2 & 3
Report and game fragments from round 4 & 5

April 24 18.20:
The final update (we mean it this time): Norwegian ratings after the tournament (for the Norwegian players) can now be found here.

April 21 23.00: Kjetil Lie’s final report has now been posted, see link above. And that’s the final update – thank you for visiting the tournament homepage!

April 20 22.40: Harald Hansen has posted some more pictures from the last rounds and from the prizegiving. See them by clicking on the link above.

April 20 20.10: Erika Uusitupa of Finland is the new Nordic Champion U16. Hallgerdur Thorsteinsdottir (Iceland) won the silver, whilst Marianne W Haug (Norway) won the bronze medal. The pgn-file has been updated, and now includes all games from all rounds. A third report from GM Kjetil Lie will probably be posted later tonight.

April 20 18.45: The junior group is now finished. Katrine Tjølsen (Norway) is the new Nordic champion. The silver medal went to Inna Agrest (Sweden), the bronze medal to Herborg Hansen, Faroe Islands.

April 20 17.40: Group U13 is now finished. The new Nordic champion in this age group is Jessica Bengtsson from Sweden. The silver medal goes to Erle Hansen (Norway) and the bronze medal to Sara Olsen, Faroe Islands.

April 20 14.15: The fourth round is now finished. The pgn-file has been updated, the games can also be played through online (click on the result in the standings). The fifth and last round starts in 15 minutes.

April 20 13.55: GM Kjetil Lie has written a new report (from round 2 and 3) and annotated some games from these rounds. See link above.

April 20 11.35: Group U20 and group U16 will be rated in FIDE. This was decided before the start of round 1.

April 20 09.05: The fourth round is now under way. Harald Hansen has posted more pictures, see them by clicking on the link above.

April 19 19.45: The third round is now finished. For results, pairings and games, use the links above. The fourth round (out of five) starts Sunday 09.00 (Norwegian time).

April 19 14.25: The third round starts in 5 minutes. The pgn-file has been updated with games from round 2.

April 19 12.05: The Norwegian team captain GM Kjetil Lie has written about the Norwegian games in round 1, and annotated two game fragments, see link above.

April 19 11.40: Harald Hansen has posted some pictures from the tournament. If you want to have a look, use the link above.

April 19 00.20: All games can now be played through online by clicking on the result in the cross table. You can also download all games in a pgn-file.

April 18 22.20: The first round is now finished. Results and round 2 pairings can be found at the link above. Unfortunately there were some problems uploading games. Most games will be replayable online later, and all games will be published in pgn in an hour or two.

April 18 18.55: Some games are now finished. You can play through the games online by clicking on the result in the cross table, use link above. However, note that it will take at least some minutes from the result is posted to the game can be replayed online.

April 18 16.45: The tournament will start in 15 minutes. Pairings have now been published, use the link above to see them. Results will be published not more than 5 minutes after each game is finished.

April 16: Julie Wael from Denmark (group A, U20) has had to withdraw from the tournament. She has been replaced by Lisbeth Haugsvær, Norway.

About the tournament

The Norwegian Youth Chess Federation has the honour and pleasure to host this year’s Nordic Girls Championship.

The tournament will be played in Oslo from April 18 to 20. There are three age groups: U20, U16 and U13. For more information, see the invitation below.

Invitation Nordic Girls Championship 2008